Boys’ water polo emerges victorious against West Covina HS




 On Sep. 19, boys’ water polo emerged victorious against West Covina HS in their first league game of the season with a final score of 14-6.

 According to coach Jonathan Heredia, the team performed very well, but has room for more improvement.

 “The team successfully incorporated what I taught them during practice, but I expected a more dramatic win. In the future, I will continue to work on improving the boys’ communication,  positioning and confidence,” Heredia said.

 Prior to the game, the captains led the boys in a traditional procedure of performing ‘tai chi’ to increase spirit for the game at hand.

 Captain Trino Guerrero (12) says that crucial aspects to their victory included continuing team traditions and boosting team morale.

 “[Raising] team spirit raises the boys’ energy, which is vital for games,” Guerrero said. “Confidence and excitement are just as important to performance as skill and technique are.”

 Player Jonathan Han (11) says that the team’s success against West Covina forecast a successful season, and he will train harder to play his best.

 “Our speed gave us a great advantage over West Covina, as it allowed for more scoring opportunities. I will personally try to become a faster swimmer and have more accurate shots,” Han said. “We are ready for any team that comes our way, and I am very excited for what the season has in store us.”

 The next game will be on at home against Rowland HS on Monday, Sept. 25.

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