Month celebrates cultural history


  ¡Es tiempo celebrar! Spanish Heritage Month is here!

  Every year from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, the Spanish Honors Society celebrates the liberation of their native country through traditions and special foods around campus.

  Advisor Johanna Ortega says the month is a way for her to share her traditions and culture with her students.

  “[This month] is an opportunity for us to celebrate and honor all the Spanish speaking countries. I [want] my students to recognize [our] culture and the history celebrated through it” Ortega said.

  Last Friday, the Spanish Honors Society and Spanish Language department hosted a lunch rally to embrace Hispanic heritage by playing traditional songs and hanging bright colored flags in the amphitheater.

  Co-president senior Alyssa Madrid says the rally played traditional Hispanic songs, which allowed students to experience a new culture.

  “The rally was a good [chance] for our club and the other students to embrace the Hispanic culture, as we danced and [listened] to the traditional songs of our [heritage],” Madrid said.

  Sophomore Hector Razon says his favorite part about celebrating is displaying his pride for his culture through his family and food.

  “I [visit] my grandparent’s [place] where my family cooks lots of food like carne asada. I also [enjoy] learning about [the other] countries’ cultures,” Razon said.

  The celebration will continue throughout September until Oct. 15.

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