Students “Team Up” at annual charity walk


  Team Up for St. Jude participated in the St. Jude Walk/Run to help raise awareness for childhood cancer on Sept. 23.

 The marathon served as a fundraiser for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospitals. During the marathon, club members set up stands and cheered runners on while handing out water bottles.

 Publicity junior Kelsie Kim says that the event educated members about the St. Jude cause.

 “What made the event so significant was collaborating with other individuals and bringing awareness to  [childhood cancer],” Kim said. “The [walk demonstrated] what patients [go through and] motivated members to [participate] in [more] club activities.”    

 According to treasurer sophomore Ashley Ko, members encountered a lack of volunteer jobs due to the large number of volunteers.  

  “Because there were so many people [preparing for the walk], members ran out of [tasks] to do,” Ko said. “However, before the walk began, [we were] assigned to cheer on  walkers and runners.”    

 Despite the initial difficulty, co-secretary junior Ashley Huh says the event turned out to be an overall success.

  “[Although] it was the first event [of the year], and the location was far, many members showed up,” Huh said. “[Everyone was] spirited and enjoyed encouraging [participants].”

 For sophomore Gina Lin, the event proved to be a  memorable experience.

 “The event was an [unique] experience that [other clubs cannot offer],” Lin said. “[When] I saw cancer survivors, I [began to] appreciate [what I have].”

  Team Up for St. Jude’s next event is the Los Angeles Cancer Challenge on Oct. 29.         

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