Girls’ volleyball loses to Covina HS


 On Wednesday, Oct. 4, girls’ volleyball suffered a loss against Northview HS with a final score of 1-3.

 According to Captain Henessey Hernandez (12), the team prepared for the game by practicing drills to focus on different offensive strategies.

 “We always work on defense first, because you have to play defense in order to play offense,” Hernandez said. “[For instance], we worked on covering deep corners and the tips. We also did hitting lines to [practice] hitting the deep corners and down ball drills, where we hit the ball down every back row.”

 Outside hitter Nicole Fukuyama (12) states that the team needs to maintain a positive mindset because volleyball demands both focus and optimism from players.  

 The team achieved this by keeping high spirited energy throughout the entire game.

 “We cheered for everything, no matter what the score was. It brought up our energy and allowed us to win a set. The new players really stepped up their game and were able to adapt to the change,” Fukuyama said.

 Despite the high morale, Captain Lauren Le (12) believes that a refined game plan is needed for future games.

 “We need to improve on playing smart by strategically placing the ball on the opponent’s side of the court and hitting in open spots,” Le said.   

 The girls’ next game will be away at Rowland HS on Monday, Oct. 9.

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