Athletes “sport” their dance moves at rally




 Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted its annual Fall Sports Rally to showcase sports teams and increase school spirit on Friday, Oct. 13.

 The rally featured fall varsity sports dance performances, captain games and class games.

 According to ASB president senior Karla Sandoval, the many preparations necessary for the rally ultimately paid off.

 “Because [the rally] was [immediately] after Homecoming, we had to work very fast to create the script, games, posters and send invitations out,” Sandoval said. “Overall, the successful rally made the hard work pay off; both the performers and audience seemed to be full of spirit and having fun.”

 Varsity tennis player junior Sarina Liang says that she enjoyed performing.

 “[The team and I] practiced almost every day during nutrition, lunch and after school,” Liang said. “Performing in front of the school was definitely a fun experience [thanks to] our choreographers, Justin Yeh and Lei Wang.”

 Freshman Casey Chang says that the enjoyable rally made him excited for more of ASB’s events.

 “The whole rally was fun, but my favorite part had to be water polo’s performance. It was interesting to watch how creative they were with choreography,” Chang said. “I am excited for more rallies and events to come.”

 ASB’s next event is the Most Inspirational Luncheon on Oct. 20.

For more photos of the fall rally, click here!

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