Drama’s “Carn-evil” spooks its audience




  Advanced and Intermediate Drama presented “Carn-evil, a Haunted Theater,” on Oct. 27 and Oct. 30-31.

  Drama students built a large maze, inspired by Knott’s Scary Farm’s “Carn-evil,” that featured whack-a-mole games, kissing booths and a mirror maze.

  In order to efficiently arrange this event, the drama students tried to be as creative as possible with the set and the characters in the maze.

  Drama teacher Kim Weaver recognized the students’ dedication and believes that this event is beneficial for both general students of Wilson and drama members.

  “Having a production during school hours gives students a chance to enjoy drama’s work without having to come back to school in the evening. It also gives my students a chance to be creative and learn to improvise during each run through of the maze,” Weaver said.

  Because of the amount of effort to complete this project, drama member sophomore Colleen Gapuzan felt she gained creativity.

  “It was a lot of work, and at times, it did test my patience,” said Gapuzan. “[Since working on this project], I have gained patience and strengthened my abilities to work in teams. I also thought outside of the box a lot when working on this project.”

  After attending the “Carn-evil” production, junior Jessica Chen shared her satisfaction of being delightfully scared while in the maze.

  “Going into the maze, I did not think I would be scared, but I was, so it was a good experience. Drama should bring this back next year,” Chen said.

  Tuesday, Oct. 31, will be the last day of “Carn-evil.”

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