Students develop their creativity at Disneyland

Provided by Katie Kyan



  Several performing art groups on campus attended Disney’s Approach to Leadership and Teamwork event at Disneyland on Dec. 7.

  Campus organizations such as Yearbook, Photography, Choir and Drama sent a total of 45 students to participate in the leadership workshop and conference to enhance creativity with Disney’s Youth Education  Series (YES).

   During the workshop, Disney instructors used Walt Disney’s vision for Disneyland to enhance students’ leadership skills. Other activities that the students did centered around developing the four C’s in leadership: curiosity, courage, constance and confidence.

  According to Yearbook adviser Kiley Craft, the program proved to be a success, because photography students obtained a useful experience and enjoyed lessons with Disney instructors.

  “Students [gained] practical  leadership skills to apply in their  Career Technical Student Organization [project]. They [also] enjoyed the [Disney] facilitator’s lessons and got to know themselves and their groups better,” Kraft said.    

  Intermediate Drama President junior Fusiana Johnson says that the program allowed attendees to improve their leadership skills.

  “Personally, I think I am  a strong leader, [but] this program reminded me of the [responsibilities] that I have and the things I need to improve on,” Johnson said.

  Drama adviser Kim Weaver says that although  the program turned out to be different from expectations, it ended up being necessary for  the Drama presidents to become better leaders for the class.

  “The drama students [were not able] to see the shows at Disneyland and analyze them,” Weaver said. “[However, the program] was still  crucial for the [Drama presidents] to improve themselves to bring [drama students] together as a class and as leaders.”

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