Girls’ water polo is victorious against Rowland HS

PC_ Peter Oh



  On Monday, Jan. 8, girls’ water polo defeated Rowland HS with a final score of 14-4.

  This match, being the first league game of the season, signified a strong kickoff. Wilson defeated Rowland HS in prior years with scores of 14-10 and 12-3, so this became their third consecutive win.

  According to co-captain Leanne De Leon (12), many factors played a role in the team’s victory.

  “Because we are fast swimmers with stamina, we were able to keep up with our opponents. [Additionally], our set player performed very well,” Leon said.

  Set player, Charley Jackson (11), held her position throughout the entire game by blocking opponents that attempted to score. Her strong guarding skills allowed our girls to gain several points and take the lead.

  In preparation for games, head coach Emily Eastman  said that the team warmed up by becoming comfortable with each other’s presence.

  “Before games, the girls stretch, warmup and [practice] together which makes them used to being around each other for the game,” Eastman said.   

  Despite the win, Emily Bermudez (11) still believes that commitment, communication and levelheadness can help push the team further.

  “Individually, I think that [players] can improve by continually being dedicated and trying their best during practices. As a team, we can improve by communicating and not shutting down when upset,” Bermudez says.

  The girls’ next match will be at Webb HS on Jan. 18.

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