Boys’ soccer crushes Northview HS, working their way to CIF

PC_ Chris Chan



 On Thursday Jan. 18, the boys’ soccer team succeeded in winning against Covina HS with a score of 4-1,  propelling them further towards CIF qualification.  

 The boys are currently second place in league, following Baldwin Park HS. If this excellent performance is maintained throughout the season, there are certainly high hopes for the future.

 According to center midfielder Ivan Castaneda (12), the team solidified this victory by using strengths that the opponents lacked.

 “[During the game], we had a different mindset than [Covina]. We were more focused on winning the goal, while Covina only focused on playing the game,” Castaneda said.  “We also [successfully] kept possession of the ball and took more chances on goals.”

 Despite the many strengths demonstrated by the boys, captain Jonathan Pfeiffer (10) believes that there are techniques  that need improvement.

 “One of our main flaws is communication and it was definitely lacking [towards the end of the game]. Next practice, we will work on drills [to ensure] that communication will not be a weakness, but an asset.”

 For the remainder of the season, head coach Frederico DePalma expects the team to perform stronger than prior years.

 “Last year we placed second in league and ended in the quarterfinals of CIF. [This year], we are trying to make it to CIF finals and hopefully win.” DePalma said.

  The next game will be home on Monday, Jan. 29, against Baldwin Park HS.

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