Associated Student Body cancels 2018 Sadie’s


 A recent decision announcing the absence of a Sadie’s dance this year striked controversy amongst students.

 Traditionally, Sadie’s took place in the gymnasium as a typical school dance. Due to a district-wide light system change in 2016, the gymnasium lights could not completely shut off, causing an unsuccessful dance that year. Sadie’s at Knott’s Berry Farm in the following year received mixed feedback, leaving 2018 Sadie’s up for question.

 According to Activities Director and ASB advisor Patricia Habash, Sadie’s saw a decline in interest, leading to its cancellation.

 “In recent years, we have seen [a lack of] excitement for Sadie’s, so we looked into other venues, but these locations went beyond what the students [are willing] to pay,” Habash said. “We may reintroduce it next year as an event with games and activities.”

 ASB President senior Karla Sandoval says that ASB spent a long time deciding whether to continue Sadie’s or not, but came to an unfortunate decision.

 “After conducting multiple surveys and considering other options such as Winter Formal, we decided that Sadie’s would be unfavorable this year,” Sandoval said. “However, we are considering alternative events for the students, like a night rally.”

 Sophomore Mia Ayala says she feels disappointed that there will not be a Sadie’s this year, but is looking forward to other events.

 “This year, I really wanted to ask a [boy] that I like to Sadie’s, I feel sad because I do not have that opportunity to get closer with him anymore,” Ayala said. “I hope there will be other events to make up for [the discontinuation of] Sadie’s.”

 ASB’s next event is the Valentine’s Day rally on Feb. 14.

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  • To sophomore Mia Ayala, I hope you’re not too discouraged. One of the best memories I had in high school was asking the guy I liked to prom. You still have other opportunities and I hope the cancellation of this dance doesn’t stop you from getting closer to your special person. 🙂

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