Girls’ basketball falls to Baldwin Park HS




 On Wednesday, Jan. 31, girls’ basketball yielded to Baldwin Park HS with a final score of 34-39.

 During the game, co-captain Kendra Ukita (10) led the team with 18 points, 6 rebounds and 2 steals. Although Ukita’s efforts helped close the gap between the schools, time ran out before the Ladycats could reclaim the lead.

 Despite the outcome of the game, co-captain Kendra Ukita (10) prides her teammates in their hard work.

 “Yes, I am disappointed that we lost, but we [never] gave up and [managed] to get the score very close in the end. [If we had] more time, we could have pulled out the win,” Ukita said.

 According to co-captain Miya Yi (11), the game revealed the team’s weaknesses.

 “[Throughout the entire play], the [smallest details], like making a bounce pass instead of a chest pass, mattered a lot,” Yi said. “We will benefit from this loss by learning from our mistakes and becoming stronger.”

 Moving forward, point guard Kelly Moc (9) hopes to strengthen her confidence for future games.

 “I have been improving on my shooting, but as an individual, I [hope] to have more confidence and to not be afraid on the court,” Moc said. “I also [plan to] work harder on both defense and offense during practice.”

 The girls’ next game will be home against Covina HS on Tuesday, Feb. 6.

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