MOVE hosts Anaheim Ice fundraiser

Provided by Angelina Susanto



 Making Our Voices Echo (MOVE) hosted its regional ice skating fundraiser at the Anaheim Ice Rink to raise money for its cause on Friday, Feb. 2.

 From 7-9 pm, club members sold tickets at the door for $13. Attendees received stickers and participated in club raffles for a chance to win MOVE merchandise. After, MOVE donated all proceeds to World Vision, an organization specializing in humanitarian aid for children and families in need.

 According to president senior Angelina Susanto, the fundraiser allowed MOVE to spread awareness for their charity.

 “I am very proud of how hard the board worked to represent MOVE and educate not only ourselves, but [also] the people around us on [real problems] around the world,” Susanto said.

 Each month, MOVE focuses on a new problem in order to make club members into student advocates to raise awareness about the different hardships around the world.

Projects Chair sophomore Joshua Susanto stresses the importance of individuals’ involvement in various prevalent global issues.

 “It is [always] great to see [students] who are so [eager] to take action and help MOVE raise money for a [noble] cause,” Susanto said. “Without the students, MOVE wouldn’t be able to make an impact for the children, families and [communities] in need.”

  For senior Jacob Yun, the fundraiser served as a chance to learn about and contribute to aiding global issues.

 “Even though our [contributions] are small, my friends and I are glad that we got to help MOVE’s cause to fight poverty and hunger,” Yun said.

 MOVE’s next event will be a benefit concert in collaboration with Music Beats the Heart on Mar. 9.


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