Wildcats slide past South Korean team

PC Ying



 On Wednesday, baseball defeated South Korean Sunrin HS with a final score of 4-1.

 For the past few years, baseball has had the opportunity to play friendly games against South Korean high school baseball teams.

  According to pitcher Jacob Apodaca (12), this game met the team’s high expectations.

 “We expected a good challenge and high competition, so during practice, so we pushed each other to our limits,” Apodaca said. “This was a good game and it helped us gain confidence, [despite the fact that] it was easier than we expected.”

 In addition, pitcher  Ryan Hou (11) believes that this experience differed from the other games he has ever played, inspiring him as a person.

 “Even though we come from different backgrounds, I discovered many similarities between the two teams. They were very good and especially fast,” Hou said. “[Likewise], I was able to talk to some of the opponents, and I was amazed by their ability to balance high discipline, hard work and fun.”

 Sunrin HS pitcher Lee Hyeok (11) says that this game was a interesting learning experience.

 “The American team was better than we anticipated, and I learned that we need more practice,” Lee said. “I am grateful that we had this opportunity to learn and grow as a team.”

 The boys will continue to play South Korean teams until their season kicks off on Mar. 7.

*quotes from Lee Hyeok have been translated.

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