Evening seminar discourages drug usage

PC_Betty (Xanax meeting)



 Wilson organized a Safe School Seminar to educate parents and students on the dangers of drug use on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

 Recently, administrators noticed students’ frequent use of  Xanax, a drug that results in slurred speech and headaches. They utilized the meeting to address the different kinds of drug use and propose methods to keep students safe.                                                     

 According to assistant principal Robert Hidalgo, parents received critical information on the risks of drug usage at the meeting.

 “[The meeting] was a good opportunity to [inform] parents about some of the dangers that may exist within their own homes,” Hidalgo said.

 Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Chief Police of Safety John Babbit stated that students who give information on drug issue can greatly assist administration.  

 “For the safety of everyone on campus, students should say something if they see [others] taking Xanax or doing drugs. They can always call an officer if [they feel threatened by other students],” Babbit said.   

 Furthermore, parent Safar Mansoor hopes for greater security to help decrease the use of drugs at Wilson.  

 “The school should [have] tighter security, even if they are doing a good job right now,” Mansoor said. “[For example], they can introduce canines because frequent checks at Wilson would provide [better] security.”                                        

 Freshman Rachel Yang believes drug usage reflects badly on Wilson and looks forward to a decrease in drugs on campus.

 “[Drug use here at Wilson] shows that some individuals are making bad choices. Although [this issue] does not involve the whole student body, I hope there can be less drug [use] in the future,” Yang said.  

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