Dance Company succeeds at competitions

(Dance)Provided by Justin Yeh



  Varsity Dance competed in West Coast Elite (WCE) for Nationals at the Long Beach Convention Center on Mar. 23 to 24. Wilson All Male (WAM) also competed in California of Dance/Drill Team Directors (CADTD) state dance competition at Edison High School on Mar. 24 to 25, respectively.  

  At WCE and CADTD,  judges critiqued on aspects such as showmanship, expressiveness and technique. Dance placed sixth in small jazz and third in large jazz and WAM placed seventh out of ten schools. The team  prepared for the competition by extending practice times and eating well.

 According to Dance Coach Karen Kiunke-Ayres, the team improved greatly  since the start of the season.

 “From the beginning of the school year to now, the team performed exceptionally. There is a lot more knowledge in their skills, so they looked like a completely different team [at the competition],” Kiunke-Ayres said.

 Despite some mistakes, All Male co-captain senior Alvin Nguyen believes that the performance exceeded expectations.

  “[Although] our team could have improved on things such as spacing and  timing, the performance [still] went above our expectations,” Nguyen said.  

 Varsity Dance member junior Melody Yang says that Nationals provided opportunities for team bonding.

 “It was really exciting, because it is always fun to bond at Nationals,” Yang said. “I had low expectations for the competition, but we gave it our all and hoped for the best.”

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