Model United Nations competes at USC

(MUN)Provided by Joshua Lee



 Model United Nations (MUN) competed at the Southern California Model United Nations Conference at the University of Southern California from Mar. 23 to 24.

 Over the course of two days, student delegates defended their assigned nation’s position on an international issue. During each session, each delegate aimed to pass a resolution through the MUN that represents his or her country’s political agenda.

 According to club  Secretary-General senior Joshua Lee, the advanced conference served as a learning experience for the team.

  “Traditionally, MUN is part of the classroom curriculum, but it is student-run here,” Lee said.  “We [attended] to [compete against] high-performing schools and to bring ourselves up to the bar.”

 Since January, the team practiced twice a week to familiarize themselves with parliamentary procedures and formal methods of address.   

   Freshman Sirjen Kaur says that the competition deepened her knowledge about MUN and unveiled new strategies.

 “I had to go really deep into the research, [which] was really cool because I have never done anything where I had to research that [extensively],” Kaur said. “I learned about different [approaches] to research that might better [prepare] me.”

 Ultimately, parliamentarian senior Paul Pangan believes that the team exceeded his expectations and remains optimistic about its future.

 “I am very proud of [our members] for taking the initiative against more seasoned MUN delegates,” Pangan said. “We have to work on our speaking and collaborative skills, but we are looking forward to our next competition.”

 MUN will attend the Huntington Beach Novice Conference at Huntington Beach HS on Apr. 28.

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