Boys’ golf falls to Diamond Bar HS


 On Tuesday, Apr. 10, boys’ golf yielded to Diamond Bar HS with a final score of 278-197.

 During the match, golfers navigated through a nine-hole course and aimed to reach each hole with the fewest number of shots. An accumulation of the top five scores from each player determined the final team score.

 Despite the loss, head coach Robert Chavez believes that the team possesses great potential.

 “I know [that] my guys can play better than what their team scores indicate,” Chavez said. “They need to treat a match [the same way] they treat practice—less stress and not letting a few bad shots ruin the round.”

 Co-captain Chris Guerra (11) believes that the players gave their best effort against a formidable team, considering the fact that Diamond Bar HS claimed the league champion title last year.  

 “[Even though our opponents] were intimidating, we tried our hardest [to] focus on ourselves, and I am proud of the way we played against them.” Guerra said.

 Looking forward, co-captain Brian Lee (12) remains optimistic but is aware that there is always room for improvement.

 “We [have] come a long way from last year, because our entire team is [more] committed,” Lee said. “[However], we can continue improving by practicing more and playing the course in advance.”

 The boys’ next game will be away against Ayala HS on Apr. 17.

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