Girls’ tennis triumphs over Alhambra HS


 On Friday, Aug. 31, girls’ tennis defeated Alhambra HS with a score of 16-2.

According to doubles player Kristen Sung (11), a positive mindset motivated the team to work harder.

 “Our teamwork and optimistic attitude really helped us [get our]  win,” Sung said. “I am happy with [how] our season [is going] so far, [and I am excited for] our next game.”

 At the same time, co-captain Arianna Audelo (10) believes that this game is just the beginning of something better.

 “I hope that [this win] can boost our motivation and get [our players] ready for league, Audelo said. “I was satisfied [with the score] but I think we can do [much] better.”

 Despite the match’s outcome, head coach Jerelyn Lopez feels that there is always room for improvement.

[The team] was ready, [but] can definitely [practice] being more assertive with line calls [and clearer] communication,” Lopez said. “ If there’s a question on the score, we need to make sure we agree with [what is] called out.”

 Girls’ tennis will face Rosemead HS on Wednesday, Sept. 10.

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