KIWIN’S Hosts Ding Tea Fundraiser


 KIWIN’S hosted a boba fundraiser at Ding Tea from Aug. 31 to Sept. 7.  

 Ding Tea gave twenty percent of proceeds back to the organization, which will fund KIWIN’s Thirst Project to raise awareness and resources for third-world countries.

 Despite the delay in the fundraiser, president junior Kristin Sung feels confident about its outcome.  

  “The fundraiser was originally planned for the summer, but we decided to wait [until school started],” Sung said. “I am optimistic about the [results], since the fundraiser lasted for two weeks at a popular spot”

 Furthermore, publicity sophomore Isabelle Kim sees many benefits from the fundraiser.

 “The event not only raised money but also attracted  students’ attention by showing that KIWIN’s is active, which may [persuade others] to join,” Kim said.

 According to freshman Serena Yang, the fundraiser proved to be a memorable experience.

 “I [enjoyed] treating myself to something that I like to drink while also supporting a school club,” Yang said. “I definitely [plan] to participate in future events.”

 KIWIN’S will attend the Los Angeles Fair on Sept. 14.

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