Club volunteers at a run for a good cause

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 1.19.51 PM.png



 Team Up for  St. Jude volunteered at the annual Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer on Sept. 22.

 Attendees helped runners by giving them directions and cheering them on.  

 According to co-president senior Sarina Liang, the walk served a significant purpose.  

 “We go to walks that support cancer research in order to raise awareness,” Liang said. “It is also a [great] way to get in touch with the community.”

 Moreover,  Liang has high hopes for the club’s growth this school year.

“[Since] we are a smaller club, my hope is that we can get new members [who] will actively participate so that we can grow bigger,” Liang said.

 Additionally, vice president  senior Kelsie Kim is pleased with the overall diversity and spirit of those who attended the event.

 “I love how people of different backgrounds can come together to [serve] the [community],” Kim said. “[For example] cartoonists [drew] caricatures for the kids, and  vendors sold merchandise.”

 Team Up for St. Jude’s next meeting will be at lunch on Friday, Oct. 5.

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