Girls’ tennis conquers Northview HS


 On Tuesday, Sept. 25, girls’ tennis triumphed against Northview HS with a final score of 12-6.

 The girls took advantage of their opponent’s smaller team and unavailability of subs, using it to propel themselves to victory.

 According to co-captain Cherise Ching (12), determination and confidence are key factors to winning.

 “Our team was confident and we believed in ourselves, which motivated us to win,” Ching said. “We made sure we had a positive mindset throughout the game, even if we made a few mistakes.”

 Regardless of the win, doubles player Isabella Lin (9) believes that there is always room for improvement.

 “We definitely need to work on communication for the next game, because that is the most important factor in winning,” Lin said. “For doubles, we need to talk to each other more, and for singles, I think we need to strategize [ball placement].”

 For the rest of the season, Coach Lopez has high hopes for the team’s success.

 “[For the rest of the season], I would like us to win every game,” Lopez said. “Hopefully, we’ll try our very best to beat every school, get our serves in, and improve our communication.”

 The girls’ next game will be against Baldwin Park HS home on Oct. 2.

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