Make-A-Wish holds its first ever meeting




 Make-A-Wish held its first meeting to welcome new members on Sept. 24.

 Make-A-Wish’s purpose is to raise money in order to grant wishes for kids with life-threatening illnesses.

 According to advisor Suzanna Wann, the club is important for multiple reasons.

 “People should join [Make-A-Wish], because we need to help [less-fortunate] kids,” Wann said. “[In addition], being a part of this club will allow members to [create great] experiences.”

 Moreover, co-president Nyah Zhang explains her goals for future meetings.

 “We had a lot of people show up, which was great,” Zhang said. “[However], we want to be more organized [in future meetings] to accommodate our members and give information without disturbances.”

 Looking forward, member freshman Sophia Ontiveros hopes to contribute more to the club.

 “I want to help expand [Make-A-Wish] so that more [kids can]  achieve their dreams and aspirations,” Ontiveros said.

 Make-A-Wish’s next meeting is on Oct. 8.

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