Football succumbs to Northview HS


 On Sept. 28, football suffered a lost to Northview HS with a score of 0-42.

 According to Coach Salvador Ortiz, the team’s inexperience contributed to the loss.

 “Being young and having a lot of underclassmen playing on our team [is a factor of the loss],” Ortiz said. “Hopefully, they grow as the years go on and they are still looking to improve as a unit.”  

 In addition, left guard Ken Komaromi (11) considers the team’s lack of dedication detrimental to games.  

 “Some of our [players] are not very disciplined and [have adopted a habit] of dismissing our practices,” Komaromi said. “Hopefully, they could come to practice [after this humiliating loss] so they could play in the games.”

 Overall, linebacker Trey Cook (10) believes the team needs improvement in multiple areas.

 “[Despite being close to the] end zone [we were unable] to score because a offensive linemen kept coming off the line, so we ended up getting pushed back,” Cook said. “We need to be better at avoiding penalties, false starts mostly.”  

 The football team’s next game will be home against Baldwin Park HS on Oct. 11.  

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