District Open House Highlights School Programs


 The Hacienda La Puente Unified School District (HLPUSD) hosted its annual District Open House at the Hacienda Heights Community Center on Oct. 6.

 The event, which lasted from 10 A.M. to 1 P.M., showcased programs from throughout all thirty-two district school sites and featured performances from Dance Company, Mesa Robles Middle School Jazz Band, Los Robles Elementary School Jumping Knights and more.

 According to President of the Board of Education Gino Kwok, the event is significant in uniting the HLPUSD.

 “The [Open House] not only showcases our district programs but [also] brings the community resources [together],” Kwok said. “We have twenty-five community agencies [like] the Red Cross here, and it just [makes for] a great event all around.”

 Despite a minor setback, Varsity Dance captain senior Lei Wang believes that the team put on a great performance.

 “One of our coaches [ended up] not [being] able to help on the day of the show,” Wang said. “[However], we were still able to come together and finish a routine in a limited amount of time.”

 Moreover, Science Olympiad captain senior Katie Kyan enjoyed the event but feels that improvements could be made.

 “I think the [District Open House] should allow for greater interaction between the different booths,” Kyan said. “If all the organizations had been located in the same area, we could have talked to more parents and prospective Wilson students about what Science Olympiad has to offer.”

 The HLPUSD will have a Board of Education meeting at the District Office on Thursday, Oct. 25.

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