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Voices of Wilson holds Fall choir concert


 Voices of Wilson hosted its annual fall concert on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

 During the concert, the four choirs—Rhythm, Harmony, Sorelle and Aria—showcased their vocal abilities by singing pieces inspired by the song “Neither Angels nor Demons,” such as “What a Wonderful World” and “Sing Till the Spirit, Moves in the Heart.”

 Given the successful concert, Director DeJohn Brown hopes that the choirs take something meaningful from the performance.

 “I want this concert to remind my students that we do not sing to just learn notes, but [rather], to share this connection with our friends,” Brown said. “As a [close-knitted] community, we can [deliver] a sense of peace into the world with our music.”

  Despite the positive outcome of the concert, Aria vice president junior Kristin Sung believes there is always room to improve.

 “Personally, I would like to work on expressing myself more during performances by having better facials,” Sung said. “As for group improvements, I really hope we can deliver a greater message by practicing more.”

 According to Aria member junior Yolanda Chen, the concert exceeded her expectations and revealed ways in which the next could be better.

 “This concert definitely surpassed our usual performances,” Chen said. “For future concerts, I hope we can expand our variety of performances to [include] more solos or duets.”

 Choir will host its annual Winter Concert on Dec. 4.



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