Water Polo Crushed by Rowland HS

IMG_8243 (2)



 On Monday Oct. 15, boys’ water polo succumbed to Rowland HS with a final score of 9-13.

 According to player Cole Serrano (9), this match proved to be difficult from the very beginning.

 “We knew [Rowland HS] was going to be a tough team to beat [because] they were fast and coordinated,” Serrano said. “[Even though we improved our defense from the last game we faced them], it was not enough.”

 Additionally, player Slade Mendoza (9) noticed a drop in team morale during the game.

 “We gave up after [Rowland HS] scored on us many times.” Mendoza said. “[In the future], we need to pass the ball and trust each other, even if we think [our teammate] is not going to score.”

 Although unhappy with the result of the match, captain Jonathan Han (12) is determined to improve.

 “We were disappointed but we played better than [our last game] against Rowland,” Han said. “[To improve in future games], we will focus on our weaknesses like passing and communication.”

 Boys’ water polo strives to improve their performance for their next game against Cathedral HS on Oct. 22.

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