Students “Team Up” for Cancer Awareness


 Team Up for St. Jude volunteered at the Walk of Hope in the City of Hope to help spread cancer  awareness on Nov. 4.

 Volunteers cheered for marathon participants as they they made their way through the route.

 As Co-president senior Ashley Huh explains, the significance of the event is to fundraise money.

 “The event is [important, because it] fundraises for the City of Hope Center, [which] is a big researcher for cancer and other diseases,” Huh said.  

 In addition, secretary junior Ashley Ko describes the Walk as a way to spread information about cancer to others.  

 “The main goal of these walks is to celebrate those who have survived cancer,” Ko said. “Our club helps spread cancer awareness, which is [our main goal].”

    Vice president senior Kelsie Kim also urges people to come to these walks to support St. Jude’s cause.

 “People should come to these walks to experience something they never done before,” Kim said. “[This shows that] they care about survivors[and] are supportive [of cancer patients].”      

 St. Jude is currently planning for its Christmas Service Project.

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