Intermediate Drama Presents a Night of Laughs


 Intermediate Drama performed Comedic One Acts, its first show of the year, in the Little Theater on Nov. 15 and 16.

 Comedic One Acts consists of three separate plays: Wishful Thinking, Imperfect Proposal and How To Succeed in High School Without Really Trying. Tickets sold for seven dollars presale and ten dollars at the door.

 According to theatre director Kimberly Weaver, doing three one-act plays instead of two requires much more focus and time.

 “I was not able to give as much attention to the different groups as I wanted, because there was extra work,” Weaver said. “I felt like my [students] needed a couple more rehearsals to better prepare themselves.”

 However, Intermediate Drama president senior Destinee Vasquez recalls challenges that occurred during the show’s preparation.

 “During our run-through, several performers struggled with memorizing their lines,” Vasquez said. “[Also], many performer coming from Intro Drama [are not familiar] with curtain call.”

 Furthermore, Intermediate Drama member sophomore Rejoyce Manuel shares her favorite act of the night.

 “I [enjoyed] Imperfect Proposal, because it is funny how the audience [falsely] thinks that the couple will get married,” Manuel said. “In addition, I thought the cheesy lines were adorable and heartfelt.”

 Catstyles Theatre’s next performance is its winter play, A Gift To Remember, from Dec. 6 to 8.

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