Co-Arts Department Showcases Various Talents in Assembly


 The Co-Arts Department hosted its first ever stadium assembly for various elementary schools in the district on Dec. 4.

 The assembly featured performances by the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance, Catstyles Theatre, Wilson Dance Department, Voices of Wilson and Colorguard.

 According to band director Rich Torres, the stadium assembly required careful planning and consideration.

  “We put the smaller performances in the gymnasium to keep the kids engaged,” Torres said. “After that, we transitioned into the stadium for the band performance to include more of the audience in hopes that they would consider joining our program.”

 Furthermore, Advanced Drama member senior Audrey Edwards explains the positives and negatives of performing in the gymnasium.

 “Since we showcased a scene involving stage combat, it was beneficial to perform in the [spacious] gym,” Edwards said. “However, the openness presented a sound issue, requiring [us] to project our voices even more.”

 In addition, Advanced Dance member junior Danny Nguyen believes that the stadium assembly excellently showcased the Co-Arts Department.

 “As students, we can be blinded by academics and forget the importance of extracurriculars,” Nguyen said. “The stadium assembly re-emphasized the value of the arts to the younger generation.”

 The next Co-Arts Department event is the Visual and Performing Arts showcase in April 2019.

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