Co-ed Wrestling Conquers Los Altos HS




 On Tuesday, Dec. 4, co-ed wrestling triumphed over Los Altos HS with a final score of 48-27.

 According to captain Benjamin Garza (12), the team improved immensely since the start of the new season.

 “[At the beginning of the school year], freshmen [composed] half of the varsity team. Usually, freshmen do not have a successful first season, but they are pulling their own weight,” Garza explained.

 Furthermore, co-captain Melanie Aguilar (12) explains the importance of this win.

 “I am happy with [our performance] from this match because we ended up beating Los Altos [with a large gap in between our scores, whereas] last year we lost by only one match [over] six points,” Aguilar said.  

 In addition, member Christian Salazar (9) explains the most memorable part of the match.

 “My favorite part of the game was the last match because [even though one of our] wrestlers in the heavyweight [category] got pinned, we [still] won,” Salazar said.  

 Wrestling’s next match will be against Northview HS on Dec. 13.

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