KIWIN’S Helps Keep our Streets Clean


 KIWIN’S attended the Adopt-a-Highway event on Colima Road on Saturday, Dec. 1.

 Members picked up cigar butts and other trash to raise money for the Pediatric Trauma Program.

 According to Freshman Representative Sean Lai, a greater number of participants would make the experience more enjoyable.

 “It was fun to clean up with [over] thirty people, but [when] we get more people to attend, the process goes faster, and we can pick up more trash,” Lai said.

 Additionally, Freshman Representative Serena Yang believes that the event brought the attendees closer together.

 “[Volunteering] together helps us build friendships and brings us together [as a club],” Yang said. “This seasonal event boosts spirits, and a lot of members are eager to help out their local communities.”

 Furthermore, member freshman Benjamin Xie appreciates the positive results that come out of volunteering.

 “I [enjoyed] the event, because we raised money for the Pediatric Trauma Program,” Xie said. “It is very [important] to me to help reduce the number of kids who suffer from preventable injuries.”

 KIWIN’S next event will be the Rose Float decorating on Dec. 8.

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