ROAR Rally Highlights Wilson’s Four Main Pillars


 Administration held a lunchtime Respect, Ownership, Adaptability and Resilience (ROAR) rally on Friday, Nov. 30.

 The rally celebrated top classes in regard to attendance, GPA, citizenship and improvement. Additionally, a raffle was held for a tablet and a yearbook, using tickets students obtained by demonstrating ROAR qualities.

 According to vice principal David Nieto, the rally successfully promoted a message about improving academic behavior.

 “The rally celebrated success across the campus for students who exemplified our four big character traits,” Nieto said. “[Additionally], classes [were recognized] for their progress and growth in academics, behavior and attendance.”

 Likewise, math teacher Michael Wever is impressed with his ROAR class’s performance. His class became the second best ROAR class this grading period, as opposed to placing eighth last time.

 “[We have] the fewest tardies [in the school] throughout both grading periods,” Wever said. “The [students] are doing a wonderful job, [but] perhaps with more effort, they could move even further in the standings.”

 Unfortunately, rally attendee senior Adam Lara is disappointed by the low turnout for the event.

 “[Many] students refused to attend and accept their prizes,” Lara said. “It shows a lack of [school] spirit [when even ROAR leaders] do not take pride in their classes’ [performance].”

 The next ROAR rally will be in Jan. 2019.

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