Dance Company Launches Competitive Season


 Wilson Dance Company launched its competitive season at Esperanza HS’s “Contest of Warriors” on Saturday, Dec. 8.

 During the competition, Dance competed in the small contemporary, small all male, medium jazz, junior varsity (JV) hip hop and medium hip hop divisions. Out of these, medium and JV hip hop placed first, and all male placed second.

 According to head coach Karen Kiunke-Ayres, frequent practices are essential for a successful competition season.

 “The practices are definitely [challenging], but they are really good,” Kiunke-Ayres said. “The [dancers] worked incredibly hard, and the last practice is always just pure fun. This is actually the first time I  was not nervous for them!”

 Despite the early competition season, Varsity captain senior Lei Wang believes the first competition sparked a successful start in the season.

“[Even though] this was the earliest competition I have ever competed in, it definitely met my expectations,” Wang said. “I feel confident that we will take the notes into account and really practice harder for next time.”

 As his first year on Dance, All Male member freshman Ronald Lu is in high spirits after the first competition.

 “It was definitely a great and fun experience,” Lu said. “I loved the experience of sharing a special bond while dancing with my teammates, as well as getting closer with my favorite team.”

 Dance’s next competition will be at West Covina HS’s “West Co Showdown” on Jan. 19.

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