Girls’ Soccer Ties against La Serna HS


 Girl’s soccer tied against La Serna HS with a score of 0-0 on Monday, Dec. 10.

 The game overall had an intense competitive environment, with interesting plays made by both teams.  

 According to defense player Sarah Chun (12), communication is crucial to the team’s performance during games, as well as working to gain a better score.

  “It was not much of the drill [itself], but we focused more on communication since it is the most important factor when we play,” Chun said.

 Moreover, captain Frida Monsalvo (12) noted how the practices helped the team create a deeper bond with each other.

 “Our practice has given us a lot of confidence allowing us to have a [deeper connection] with each other,” Monsalvo said.

 Furthermore, coach Matthew Rojas enjoyed watching the team play to their fullest.

 “I loved the overall intense competition that was there the whole game,” Rojas said. “Being able to sit back and watch [the game] more than usual while the [team] played was really enjoyable for me.”

 The team will focus on  communication, leadership and team cohesion more than anything. The next games are league games, so they have no room to make a single mistake or  waste an opportunity.

 Girl’s soccer will be playing against Northview HS on Tuesday,  Dec. 18.

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