Foreign Students Visit Wilson for a Day




 Wilson invited five students from Shanghai, China, to tour the campus on Monday, Jan. 28.

 Five students who attended Wilson led the exchange students from 7:45  A.M. until 2:00 P.M.

 An international alumnus student who had previously attended Wilson arranged the student exchange by contacting community members from the East Los Angeles Community College and students from the school he had attended in China.

  According to Assistant Principal Samuel Sanford, the shadowing allowed Wilson to increase its already diverse environment.

 “The exchange students were able to expose Wilson to the different aspects of education around the world,” Sanford said. “[In return], the students from China had an opportunity to see the different programs here on campus.”   

 Additionally, senior Katie Kyan hopes to improve inclusiveness with exchange students in classes.

 “In the future, I believe that it would be beneficial if classes could be more interactive so the foreign students could participate in class lectures and group activities,” Kyan said.

 Furthermore, junior David Gonzalez believes the experience proved to be eye-opening.

 “Throughout the day, the exchange student and I [shared] jokes on our different lifestyles. There were no major communication problems, and it was enjoyable to get to know Ben, the exchange student, who was extremely friendly and approachable,” Gonzalez said.  

 Wilson plans to continue hosting international exchange programs in the future.

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