Girls’ Soccer Conquers San Dimas HS




 On Tuesday, Jan. 29, girls soccer proved victorious over San Dimas HS with a score of 2-1.

 This game marked the last home league game before the girls proceed to California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). It also provided a source of optimism leading up to senior night, an event to celebrate each senior player and all their contributions to the soccer program.

 According to Coach Rojas, the energy and support of the school drove the team to perform better.

 “[The school] motivates the team and tells us that we have people at a school who support us,” Rojas said. “It acts as a huge support system and the team appreciates all the [encouragement they receive].”

 Furthermore, captain Frida Monsalvo (12), believes the unity of the team created a positive teamwork environment.

 “We get better every game and play better as a team. Even though our team is new, we understand that communication and bonding both on and off the field are important,” Monsalvo said.

 Moreover, player Paloma Marquez (12) believes that the senior night was a fitting goodbye to for the departing seniors.

 “There was a good turnout, the team was in a good mood because of our win. It was bittersweet because it was potentially the seniors’ last home game,” Marquez said. “Most of us have been playing for all four years and we took the time to celebrate them.”

 Girls’ soccer will be playing their first CIF match next Wednesday.


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