St. Jude Volunteers for a Good Cause




 Team Up for St. Jude attended the Lung Cancer Walk at Frank G. Bonelli Regional County Park on Feb. 10.

 At the lung cancer awareness event, volunteers set up booths, prepared snacks and cheered on walkers who as a result, volunteers gathered together for the cause. As a result, volunteers helped raise a significant amount of money for the organization.

 Unfortunately, the forecasted rainstorm during the event disrupted the alk’s schedule and slowed down many runners. Regardless, the Walk continued and ended successfully.

 According to co-president senior Ashley Huh, helping others support an important cause served as the highlight of the event.

 “My favorite part of the walk was definitely encouraging the runners as they were going along the marathon, because [a majority] of them seemed very passionate for the cause,” Huh said. “The location was also really nice, with [pleasant scenery] all around, and I think that had a big effect on the atmosphere of the event.”

 Additionally, vice president senior Kelsie Kim believes the event served a greater purpose than just being a community walk.

 “During this [inspirational event], I witnessed many walkers, all with  different backgrounds, come together as a community to walk with the same purpose,” Kim said. “Others also had personal stories [regarding lung cancer], which motivated them to bond with others to promote this cause. It was [inspiring] to see how our cheers helped put a smile on the walkers’ faces.”

 Ultimately, secretary sophomore Carol Li believes the event ran smoothly, despite a few  complications.

 “Since it was pouring rain for most of the Walk, I felt that the walkers and volunteers were let down and a bit discouraged by the [disheartening] atmosphere,” Li said. “However, seeing the smiles on every walker’s face, witnessing and [helping out with a great organization] compensated for the small problem.”

 St Jude’s next event will be the Los Angeles Marathon on Mar. 23.


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