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Dance Performs One Last Time at Spring Show


 Dance Company held its annual Spring Show, entitled “Brand New,” in the gym on Apr. 10.

 Varsity Dance and All Male showcased their competition and rally routines as well as pieces specially choreographed for the show. The range of styles included contemporary, lyrical, jazz and hip-hop. Dance also welcomed guest performances from The Little Dance World.

 According to historian senior Melody Yang, Spring Show is one of the grandest events for Dance throughout the year.

 “Spring Show is essentially Senior Night. The seniors announce their plans for the future, and it is the seniors’ last chance to say goodbye,” Yang said. “I think Spring Show is a great way to end the season, because it allows us to show people what we have accomplished throughout the year.”

 However, All Male member junior Caven Labaco believes that individual improvements can be made to Spring Show.

 “The show itself ran smoothly, [but] I know myself and some others had difficulty retaining choreography, especially from our Back to School Rally,” Labaco said. “We did not practice at all over spring break, [and] I know the student choreographers felt like they did not have enough time to practice their numbers.”

 In addition, Varsity Dance member freshman Kiani Jimenez reflects on her Spring Show experience.

 “My favorite part of Spring Show was definitely the finale. Even though it was bittersweet, I truly enjoyed every moment,” Jimenez said. “I think that it was the perfect way to end the season. Even though I am going to miss the seniors, I know that they set a perfect example for me and other underclassmen to follow. Considering this is my first time experiencing Spring Show, I [feel] so excited for my next three years on the dance team.”

 Dance will be having its end-of-the-year banquet on Apr. 20.



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