KIWIN’S Spreads Cheer Through Painting Pots


  KIWIN’S hosted its first event of the school year named “POTS 4 TOTS” on Aug. 18.

  The event included members of KIWIN’S who teamed up with Division 35 East Key Club  to help local gardens by donating painted flower pots made during the event. 

  According to KIWIN’S president senior Kristin Sung, the event allowed participants to become closer to each other and strengthen their bonds through art.

  “There was a good turnout of members, and  [many were] enthusiastic to paint pots. Through the event, the club also [formed] friendships with students from other schools,” Sung said.

  Furthermore, KIWIN’S Lieutenant Governor junior  Angel Lee believes the event provided participants with an enjoyable experience.

 “[POTS 4 TOTS] gave students the opportunity to give back to the community,Lee said. “Knowing that the work we did went to a good cause [resulted] in a positive spirit and camaraderie in all members.”

  As stated by spirit chair sophomore  Imani Lee, the event’s creative activities inspired members to attend.

  “[POTS 4 TOTS] was especially enjoyable because more people were motivated to participate, [knowing that] they did not have to be a good artist,” Lee said.

  KIWIN’s next event is Adopt-A- Highway on Sept. 7.

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