Mock Trial Holds First Meeting of the Year


  Mock Trial held its informational meeting at lunch for future members on Aug. 20 and Aug. 22.

 The meeting included information on tryouts, future competition and available cabinet positions. Mock Trial also informed students that tryouts required a pair to act as attorney and witness.

  According to Mock Trial advisor Samuel Barone, members of Mock Trial must become motivated to develop a sense of knowledge and apply trial and error in the courtroom.

  “Once [the students] start competing they will end up learning through mistakes. Sometimes they do not [understand the material] or [make] the wrong objection. [However,] to become a well-rounded attorney, [students] will have to not give up despite fallbacks,” Barone said. 

  In addition, captain senior Sydney Ly emphasized that students do not need to be an outstanding speaker to become a part of the Mock Trial team.

  “Obviously clear speaking is [a good skill to have], but what we also look for is potential,” Ly said. “[If] we see [students] are really trying, it means more to us than being [a proficient speaker].” 

 Moreover, freshman Seattle Luong conveyed her excitement for the upcoming roles.

  “[By joining mock trial], I hope to get rid of my fear of public speaking. [Furthermore], I am excited about working with new people,” said Luong. “The role that I am [particularly] excited for is the witness; it seems [like a key role in the courtroom.]” 

  Mock Trial tryouts begin in D-5 on Aug. 30.

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