Chloe Wu (9)

As a freshman, how did you train to this point to become a captain of the varsity tennis team already?

“I started playing at about age eight, but I was not competitive until about sixth grade. I trained every day after school from three-thirty to six. [I started playing tournaments about a year ago as well].”

What do you do to prepare yourself right before a match?

“I listen to classical music and clear my mind of all negativity so I can focus [on my performance].”

Do you feel that the team has performed to your expectations so far?  How have they or how have they not?

“I really like my team and I feel that we have performed past my expectations. Everyone always tries their best and I really [admire our dedication].”

What is your favorite class this year?

“I like AP Computer Science,  because I think computers are interesting.”

Would you rather have a horse or donkey?

“I would rather have a horse, because [who would want a donkey]?


Monze Meraz-Lerma (10)

Do you prefer playing doubles or singles? 

“I played in a singles position [last year], but I soon realized that it was not as fun as having a partner by your side. This year, [I decided to play doubles], and  have [really enjoyed it] because of my partner, Mireya Castillo. [ She makes me look forward to playing tennis much more].”

Who is your partner and how did she become your partner?

“My partner is Mireya Castillo, and we became partners because we were both junior varsity players [determined] to be on varsity. During summer camp, we found [out] that we had a really good connection on the courts as well as outside of tennis, so we [decided to become partners].”

What is your mentality when you are in a match?

“Mireya and I really know [how] to keep a good attitude, even when we are making simple mistakes or the opponents are giving us a challenge. We do not put each other down for our [errors], but instead help each [learn and improve for the next match].”

Hot dogs or hamburgers?

“Hamburgers, because hot dogs seem so artificial compared to burgers.”

Fall or spring?



Natalie Wu (10)

Who inspired you to get into tennis and how?

“My sister Melanie  inspired me to play tennis when I was nine. She has always been a huge role model to me and [makes me want to do my best].”

What is your biggest goal for tennis at Wilson and how do you manage to achieve it?

“My biggest goal for tennis is to maintain a good record. To [achieve this goal],  I will [put my full effort] into every match. [Of course] we want to be league champions, [but], [our goal is] to be the best we can be.”

Who is your favorite athlete of all time? 

“My favorite athlete is Naomi Osaka, because last year at the U.S Open she showed [resilience] when the crowd cheered against her and did not let people get [in her way] of [success].”

Would you rather have ten cars or ten dogs?

“Ten dogs! Dogs are just the coolest animals ever!”

Snow or the beach?

“Snow! I prefer the cold over the warm weather.”


Arianna Audelo (11)

What do you do to prepare for matches every week? 

“We condition twice a week so we are not sore, and we do match play before game days and/or light hitting. This helps us feel the pace of how the match would be against other schools mentally, and helps us develop an [overall good mindset].”

What is your greatest motivation to succeed as a scholar-athlete?

“My greatest motivation is being able to get a scholarship for a division II university so I can study in the medical field.”

Is there any sport you would like to play other than tennis? Why or why not?

“I live for tennis and I do not have much time for any other extracurriculars other than choir.  [However], I enjoy watching swim meets and soccer with my brother.”

Turtles or frogs?

“Turtles, frogs are [too slimy].”

Pizza or pasta?



Kristin Sung (12)

What year in your life did you feel improved the most?  

“[I improved] the most going into sophomore year. The people I practiced with [on varsity] were better than me and [pushed me] to be better.”

What was your biggest obstacle in this sport and how have you overcome it or how do you plan to overcome it?

“Learning a new form for serves. I will [try to overcome] this obstacle by practicing even more.”

What has been your greatest accomplishment up to date?

“I play doubles, and I feel that I have made a good improvement on communicating with my partner in our [matches]. It shows in our match play when we [miss less shots] because of poor communication.”

What is your favorite topping on pizza?

“Definitely ham.”

Would you rather have a pet monkey or pig?

“I would rather have a pet pig, because it is my favorite animal!”


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