Team Up for St. Jude volunteers at walk to promote spirit


  Team Up for St. Jude attended the annual Paramount Studios Walk/Run on Sept. 28.

  Members participated at the event to pass out water for participants and cheered runners on.  The event raised money for pediatric cancer research and treatment.

  Furthermore, president senior Ashley Ko commented that the atmosphere surrounding the walk is  invigorating.

 “Even though our organization was there to volunteer, the speakers there truly brought out emotions within the crowd.  Their positivity was extremely encouraging,” Ko said.

  In addition, sophomore secretary Vanessa Cheung considered the event  a successful one, despite certain setbacks.

  “The organization [of the walk] was competent; and,  even though we did not have many members [who attended], we still managed to get most of our cabinet to come support and help out,” Cheung said.

  Overall, historian sophomore Grace Jong experienced positive vibes at the walk.

  “Seeing everyone with smiles on their faces truly brightened the mood and showed how supportive the volunteers were to patients, viewers and of course the participants,” Jong said.

    Team Up for St. Jude’s next event is the Los Angeles Cancer Challenge on Oct. 20th.

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