Girls’ basketball suffers against Whittier Christian HS


  On Tuesday, Nov. 19, girls’ varsity basketball fell against Whittier Christian HS with a score of 25-71.

  The game marks the first of the team’s preseason. The girls put forth their best efforts and strive to grow from the loss in the rest of the season. 

  According to side guard Elizabeth Aguilera (12), the team displayed many strengths despite their loss. 

  “[We continually] attacked the basket [as much as we could], and we were able to break [the other team’s] full court press,” Aguilera said. “Kendra, our captain, [remained very efficient] [in driving] towards the basket.”

  In addition, guard Joanna Huerta (12) maintained a positive outlook regarding the season ahead.

  “The season is off to a great start, even though we did not win, [and] this game showed us the things that we can improve on,” Huerta said. “[The team] needs to communicate more on the court [so that] we can work together [more effectively].”

  Furthermore, shooting guard Casey Cho (11) feels that the team will work to improve for future games and utilize their capabilities. 

  “I do not think [the team] played to the potential that we could have. We just need to [view] this game as something to learn from,” Cho said. “[In the future], I hope that we can execute the plays that we practice and each [become] stronger players individually by [doing more work] in our practices.”

  Girls’ basketball will compete in the Ladycat Classic against Schurr HS on Monday, Nov. 25. 


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