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Assoicated Student Body welcomes incoming students with eigthth grade oreintation




  Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted the annual eighth grade orientation to expose incoming freshman to programs offered at Wilson on Wednesday, Jan. 8. 

  The event began with an introduction and performance from the Wilson Dance Company, Wilson Cheer and Royal Wilson Marching Alliance. ASB  members then led tours for incoming freshman to explore the campus as well as discover clubs, sports and organizations that peaked their interest. 

  According to ASB vice president junior Matthew Chan, ASB worked with administration to coordinate a smooth tour for the eighth graders. 

  “To prepare, [ASB] met with the administrators to create a seamless layout of the tour and decided which clubs and performers would be represented throughout the day,” Chan said. “Although there was not much time allotted, [we] still managed to give the [incoming freshman] a taste of Wilson life.” 

       Furthermore, senior Ashley Ko believes the orientation offered the Science Olympiad organization a head start in recruiting new members. 

  “[Eighth grade orientation] gave incoming freshman an opportunity to consider joining our team earlier,” Ko said. “It also provided us a way to promote our program more effectively to students who have a passion for science.” 

  Moreover, ASB member sophomore Ivy Liang saw her past self while interacting with the eighth graders. 

  “The orientation was a cool experience because the incoming freshman looked just as nervous and shy as I was when entering high school,” Liang said. “Overall, this event is a success, but the eighth graders could have been more engaged during presentations in order to take advantage of this tour.”

  ASB’s next event is the Open House on Tuesday, Jan. 14. 



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