Wilson hosts Open House to showcase programs for incoming students


  Wilson hosted its annual Open House event, showcasing various clubs, classes and programs being offered on campus on Wednesday, Jan. 14.

  Each program offered information at their booths to motivate new faces to join. Catstyles Theater, Wilson Jazz Band and Voices of Wilson provided live performances in the Little Theater as well. Attendees enjoyed refreshments such as grilled cheese and cupcakes sold at trucks outside the gym.

   Essentially, Associated Student Body (ASB) advisor Patricia Branconier-Habash believes the success of the event came from through preparation, and sees changes for future years.

  “[To prepare], ASB met with admin to lay plans and be able to represent every organization on campus,” Habash said. “[The event went smoothly], but for next year, we would like to enhance the sound systems in the gym for the performers in the little theater.”

   In addition, sophomore Aiden Chan attended the Open House to recruit basketball players, which he hopes to gain a connection with in the future. 

  “I believe our booth [successfully demonstrated] the bond between Coach Allen and my teammates, and next year I [would like] to bond with new members on our team,” Chan said.

  Overall, incoming freshman Arash Momenasaab feels positive about his experience at Open House.

  “Everyone [at the event appeared] inviting and very friendly, making me excited about my next four years at Wilson. [Open House] really opened up my eyes to everything offered at this school and I hope that I can be an active student when attending this high school,” Momenasaab said. 

     ASB will host the Sadies Hawkins dance on Saturday, Feb. 22.

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