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Advanced Drama hosts annual Murder Mystery



  Advanced Drama hosted its annual Murder Mystery dinner from Feb. 6 to 7.

  This specific performance provided viewers with an audience interactive show as well as a Chipotle meal for $20. The performance centered around the theme of  “The Royal Cupid’s Cruise” and gave the audience a one of a kind performance on a “boat.”

  According to Drama Department teacher Kimberly Weaver, Drama faced many obstacles but still managed to put on a fantastic performance.

  “This was the first time we did [the performance] on a boat, so creating the ambiance of water and a cruise was difficult. [In addition], we had a student that unexpectedly did not come to class for two weeks, [so] we had to get rid of his character and make some adjustments,” Weaver said.

   According to Advanced Drama senior Fayelin Plascencia, it was [nerve-racking] to be on stage but as time went on, she became more comfortable performing.

“During the first part of the show I was really nervous because I was scared of the guest interactions,” Plascencia said. “As the show went on, I became [more] relaxed and felt like I became my character.”




 As stated by sophomore Andrea Robles, there are still improvements that have to be made, but overall she enjoyed being a part of the performance.

 “I [believe] that if we had a couple more days to plan things out, it would [have made] the show even better,” Robles said. “[Apart from that], my favorite part is when the detective reveals who the murder is because the audience’s reactions when finding out was really rewarding to watch.”

  Drama’s next event is the Improv Show on Friday, Feb. 28.



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