The unheard cries

It came with a bang… 17 students killed and 15 others injured. As the eyes of the world fearfully watched the events of Parkland unfold, right then and there, a fire was sparked, a fire which would fuel future movements for gun control and forever scorch the political discourse of this era into history books.

The Xi Dynasty: China’s New Reign

Picture a future in which President Donald Trump reigns supreme, with no legal limit on the number of terms he can serve. Nightmare? Luckily, this destiny of an eternal presidency is not the United States’ to bear. Unluckily, China has landed itself this terrible destiny.

Amazon: the corporate rainforest

About ten years ago—when I was still going around with pigtails and light-up sneakers—my geography teacher taught me about the Amazon Rainforest, a big chunk of biodiversity growing somewhere in a place south of America. It sounded pretty useless to me.

U.S v. Russia: drama on the streets

The United States, for all the unbelievable drama it has undergone this year, has yet to be labelled a teen flick gone wrong. Well, Regina George, step back because it’s time for a new drama queen to reign supreme. In classically terrible chick flick fashion, this nation has managed to catapult itself into a “he said, she said” cat fight with our “archenemy”, Russia. And unfortunately, the following is not a summary of the next terrible box office bomb; rather, it is the part unbelievable, part obnoxious, all hilarious dramedy starring top stars, the United States and Russia.